Welcome to LOVE body

LOVE body is individual, distinct and connected.

LOVE = love for yourself, love for others, love for your environment, love for your world and love for your universe.

body = health, nourishment, movement, enjoying your body and treating your body with the respect it deserves.

LOVE body = connection of the mind and the body for peace and harmony, to love our bodies and ourselves so we can be the best version of us, so we can live the life we deserve to live. Full of fun, passion, happiness, meaning, inspiration and amazing joy.

It’s time. Time for a change in our hearts, our minds and our bodies.

Bring it. With attitude and gratitude.
How many diets and programs have you tried over the years?
How many of them have given you the results you wanted?
How fed up and frustrated are you with your weight right now?
Do you believe you are a failure because no diet has worked?
Do you believe you lack the willpower to stop eating so much?
Do you believe you have no motivation to stick to a diet?

What if I told you

  • you didn't have to go on one more crazy diet. EVER!
  • there is a way to get results without having to deprive yourself.
  • your feelings of frustration can disappear. Forever!
  • you are NOT a failure. The diet is failing you. Not the other way around.
  • will power has nothing to do with your eating habits.
  • your motivation can be enhanced with a different attitude about yourself & your body.

For at least 35 years of my life, I spent many a wasted day thinking I wasn’t good enough. So I ate.

I ate my feelings to the point of not feeling anything good.

And, I believed I deserved such a sad and lonely life (read my full LOVE story here).

Now, I am 43 years old. There is always so much more to learn but the process of learning about who I am is a beautiful one. I have forgiven myself and my past as well as giving myself permission to BE ME!

My life is no longer spent thinking I am not good enough. My day is full LOVE, appreciation, beautiful foods, fun and enjoying myself.

My body is not “perfect” (whatever that means) and I have stopped striving for perfection because it doesn’t exist. I exist.

I truly believe I exist on this wonderful earth to guide and support YOU as you learn forgiveness, nutrition and movement to nourish your mind, body and soul with all the wonders of holistic healing.

What if

  • you forgave your body?
  • you forgave yourself?
  • you welcomed LOVE into your heart and mind?
  • you nourished your body with beautiful natural foods?
  • you used movement to feel energised?
  • you let go of the daily weight obsession?
  • you embraced your authentic self?
  • you listened to the LOVING voice deep inside you?

If you are ready, even if it’s only a teeny tiny bit ready, then I would LOVE to connect with you. Why not book a free connection call where we will chat about where you are right now and where you would LOVE to be. Or, if you are absolutely ready (as scary as it might be) to get moving and finally, once-and-for-all, take the first tentative step to creating a life where you LOVE your body and you LOVE yourself, then I would be honoured to support you and guide you through this beautiful stage of your life.

Let’s connect to chat about where you are right now and where you would LOVE to be.
A holistic program guiding you to a place of forgiveness, nourishment and movement for your mind, body and soul.
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