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The pain I feel when I think about my daughter growing up and hating herself the way I did for most of my life, is my reason for LOVE body. And how sad I feel deep inside when I think of anyone who hates themselves that much. As women we have learnt to hate our bodies, be disgusted by them if they are not perfect and live every moment of our existence wishing we were skinnier. We obsess about the food we eat, we punish ourselves in the gym and we constantly tell ourselves we are a failure, we are hopeless and we are not worthy of feeling good. It’s time to forgive our bodies and ourselves. Together we can support one another as we learn to listen to the loving voice inside us as it guides us to a place of LOVE, peace and joy in our minds and bodies for a life free of self-hatred and disgust. I no longer allow such hatred and disgust to reside in my mind and body. I feel free.


Kelly Connolly

CEO & Founder of LOVE body

  • you forgave your body?
  • you forgave yourself?
  • you welcomed LOVE into your heart and mind?
  • you nourished your body with beautiful natural foods?
  • you used movement to feel energised?
  • you let go of the daily weight obsession?
  • you embraced your authentic self?
  • you listened to the LOVING voice deep inside you?

How can I support you today?

Let’s connect to chat about where you are right now and where you would LOVE to be.
A holistic program guiding you to a place of forgiveness, nourishment and movement for your mind, body and soul.

It’s time. Time for a change in our hearts, our minds and our bodies. Bring it with attitude and gratitude.

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