My Evolution over the years

This isn't just another weight loss program.

This is a whole body Evolution. From Head to Heel.

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Hi Beautiful, Amazing, Strong, Capable Woman,

I’m Kelly. I am a Qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Fitness Trainer and Ho’ oponopono Certified Practitioner which is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness technique.

At my heaviest, I weighed 120kg. And I was MISERABLE! 

Food was my friend. Food was my Enemy.

I used to think of what I was going to eat next before I had even finished eating my current meal. If anything happened which upset me I’d run to the pantry and find the sugariest, saltiest, fattiest food I had in there. And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop. I was a food addict and an emotional eater.

And, after years of trying to be better, think better and act better all I achieved was more anger and frustration at myself for not being BETTER. I was unhappy, and I had no belief in myself.

Then one day I had had enough.

I was mentally exhausted having to deal with all the bulls*** inside my head. I’d had enough of feeling so much hatred in my mind and my body. That is why I created this program. For other women who are mentally exhausted and want to THINK and FEEL better about themselves because we DESERVE to love who we are.


This is why my program is different. And WHY it works:

~ personal guidance and support throughout the program

~ a community of empowering women who know what you are going through

~ accountability to keep you moving through your evolution

~ each week we will chat together in the private support group for 30 minutes with a Q&A at the end

~ you are in the program FOR LIFE!

~ weekly videos for you to listen to as well as plenty of downloads to use at home to assist you on your evolution

~ power moves to complete each week to take your learning further for positive results

~ 2 x 4 week meal plans for extra nutrition support

~ an understanding of which foods are going to nourish your body for cellular health on a nutritional level

~ the focus is on your HEALTH. Not your weight. (weight loss is a wonderful side effect)

~ 2 x 4 week fitness plans to get you moving your bum

~ fitness instruction

~ we will also have a big CELEBRATION at the end of the 12 weeks where we all come together to acknowledge every single amazing achievement.

~ i have been where you are. I get it.

~ i have used all of the techniques for myself so I know they get results.

~ YOU get long-term results too by implementing all of the techniques.

And the most important of all

~ you learn how to FORGIVE yourself to move forward with your evolution

Now is the time. Don’t put it off any more. You’ve got nothing to lose except your weight, hatred for yourself and an unhealthy diet.

Here is the course breakdown and what you will learn over the next 12 weeks:

Weeks 1 & 2: Mindset
Week 3: Forgiveness
Week 4: Gratitude & Affirmations
Week 5, 6 & 7: Nutrition
Week 8 & 9: Fitness
Week 10 & 11: Lifestyle
Week 12: Celebrate

I cannot WAIT to watch you on your own personal Evolution


The program begins on the 14th October 2109. This week is the Focus. Get Ready! week with the official start of the program on the 21st October 2019.

This week is all about preparation for your body and your mind. We will begin with recognising your own story and how this has a major influence on you and your decisions. Plus, I will guide you through setting a goal for yourself over the 12 weeks which will empower you to believe in yourself and work towards your amazing evolution.

Our last day of the program will be 10th January. This week is our CELEBRATION week. If you live locally we will come together and do something special. As this program runs through the Christmas week we will have a special Christmas get together where I will give you some extra special tips on surviving Christmas. This will happen the week before Christmas on the 20th December.

Each week you will be sent an email with the lessons attached. You can go through them at your own pace. If you have any questions you can email me, give me a call or ask a question in the private facebook group.

Every Tuesday night at 8pm we will have a live facebook chat where we will go over the weeks lessons and you can ask any questions you may have about the content.

The power moves are actionable steps for you to take each week. They help to reinforce the work you will do for your personal evolution.

YES! Once a month we will meet up (if you live locally to Pimpama) to chat about all the progress being made and most of all make some new friends. I will let you know dates, times and location once the program has begun.

You will only know by giving it a go. I won’t lie, it is going to get you to work on some things which will bring up some pain and you will probably want to run away but I urge you to keep going because the result will be worth every bit of effort you give to yourself. You deserve to think and feel amazing, beautiful thoughts and feelings and give yourself the life you have been longing for.

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