Free Discovery Call

Book in for a free 15-minute chat over the phone to discover what I can do to help you on your nutrition and weight loss evolution. Finding someone who can give you the right guidance and support you need can be challenging. I want you to know I understand what it is like to feel lost, frustrated and wanting something better for myself. Everyone is unique and requires their own personal plan to achieve their goals. Discover yours today.

Initial Nutrition/Weight Loss Consultation $130.00

Your initial 60 minute consultation will consist of a health interview. During this consult I will review your health and medical history and discuss the goals you would like to achieve.

I will then use this information to research your case and begin to develop a health and wellness plan aimed at achieving your goals

Nutrition/Weight Loss Plan Consultation $65.00

Your return consultation will consist of results from the questionnaires conducted in the previous consult, along with a health and wellness plan. Your health and wellness plan will be developed and tailored to you according to the findings from the initial consultation and in conjunction with the research, I have completed on your current health status. Your health and wellness plan is designed to address your health concerns and has been developed to assist you in achieving your goals.

Ultimate Nutrition Plan $47.00 per week

A personalised 4-week nutrition plan to suit your tastes and lifestyle for $47 per week. This is an ongoing plan for a minimum of 4 weeks.
-If you don’t know where to start
-You need a bit of guidance on what to eat
-You simply don’t have time to figure it all out
-You need to eat better because of your health
Here’s what you get:
– Personalised Nutrition Plan
– One 45 minute consultation
– 30 minute weekly check-in
– Access Private VIP Support Group
– 4 Week Mind & Body Evolution Program
– Energise Your Day eBook

Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Plan $150.00

During our consultation, we will chat about what your goals are for your health and fitness needs. You will receive a 4-week personalised program to implement at home.

– Personalised 4-week meal plan
– one 45 minute consult
– Mid Month review
– Meal Planning and prepping guidance
– 4 Week Mind & Body Evolution Program

ADD in a personalised training program for an extra $37.00

This service can be ongoing for as little as $37 per week for the nutrition plan or $45 per week for the full package.

4 Week Meal Plan $59.00

Do you struggle to come up with healthy and delicious meals for the week to feed yourself and your family?

I can help with a 4-week meal plan which includes:

– 4-week meal plan
– Recipes
– Meal ideas, prep and planning
– 4 Week Mind & Body Evolution Program

You can keep this service ongoing for only $20 per week thereafter

The Healthy Supermarket Shop $50.00

On your 60 minute shopping tour of your favourite local supermarket you will:

~learn how to read food labels
~focus on healthy products
~go through each section and learn what to buy and what to avoid
~choose healthy ingredients for a healthy meal. Recipes included

You will also receive:

~fact sheet on what additives to avoid in your food
~ a FREE copy of my new book “The Healthy Supermarket Shop”

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