A handy list of tips for those days when you are running around with the kids or for yourself and you need quick, easy, healthy food or you don’t have time to make a big meal or just can’t be bothered to cook. We have all had those days/nights!

Tips for the time poor

This PDF is a template for you to keep in your kitchen so you know what food you have in the fridge, freezer and pantry so you don’t double up on food and waste money buying products you already have.

What food do I have

Bored of the same old salad? Us this handy chart to create your own delicious and nutritious salad.

Create a salad

These kids cards will help divide tasks amongst your children so each one has something fun to do when they are helping you out in the kitchen or when you do your weekly grocery shop.

Kids can become bored rather quickly, by assigning each one a particular task and swapping over after a certain amount of time they will feel useful and proud of themselves when each task has been completed.

Kids cards

Not sure where to start with meal prepping? This top gives you my top 10 tips to meal plan like a boss.

Top 10 Tips to Meal Plan like a boss

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