Have you ever heard of Ho’oponopono?

It can be a challenging word to pronounce but it is an amazing ancient Hawaiian technique used for forgiveness.

All of my adult years (except this last year) have been full of negative thoughts, hating myself, blaming others for all the horrible things in my life, condemning myself to a life of pain and punishing myself for being over weight, eating my emotions and the person who I became. It was so mentally and emotionally exhausting I couldn’t carry on any more the way I was. Something had to change. I had to change.

This forgiveness technique has really helped me to let go of the negativity, embrace who I am and learn to forgive myself. By doing this I feel more empowered than ever, I trust in who I truly am, I don’t use food to comfort me or suppress my emotions any more and I feel more at peace with myself than I ever believed possible.

This has resulted in a huge positive shift allowing amazing things to come into my life. As a qualified Ho’oponopono practitioner I want to teach this technique to you so you can find the peace, power and joy in YOUR life.

Please leave your details below and I will send you the forgiveness meditation for you to do at home when you have some quiet time to really focus on your body and learn to forgive.

Your body is amazing and it does so many things we aren’t even aware of. Take care of your body, love your body and it will reward you with feelings of health, abundance and energy.

I am ready to forgive my body. Please leave your details and I will send you the Ho'opnopono forgiveness meditation. LOVE body

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