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How to cure a food hangover

What is a food hangover? A food hangover is when you have eaten too much food and now you feel sick and gross. Whether you have gone on an emotional bender, indulged in one too many pieces of cake at a birthday party or eaten a whole family block of chocolate while binge watching Netflix; you will no doubt get a food hangover the … Read More How to cure a food hangover


How to stop thinking about food all day long

For as long as I can remember my life revolved around food. And not in the fun, enjoyable way. I was OBSESSED. I would think about the next meal before I had even finished the meal I was eating. It was breakfast as soon as I woke up, snack a few hours later, 11 am lunch because I was STARVING, early afternoon snack, late … Read More How to stop thinking about food all day long


Chicken Casserole

A simple one pot meal with lots of veg to nourish your body during the cold winter months.


Where did my fat go?

Losing weight is a serious business. We eat healthy, we work out and we do almost whatever it takes to GET. THAT. FAT. OFF! But have you ever wondered where the fat actually goes? It isn’t something that has crossed my mind even though I have been trying to get rid of my fat for decades. I’ve never really stopped to consider what actually … Read More Where did my fat go?

Feast or Famine?

Is your diet a feast or a famine?


Chocolatey Beetroot Cake

This is a delicious and moist cake chocolate cake packed full of goodness.

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